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Laboratory on Design and Analysis of Information Systems

Takeshi Tokuyama (Professor)
Kunihiko Sadakane(Assistant Professor)
Research Area
Theoretical Computer Science, especially
Computational Geometry, Combinatorics, and Discrete Optimization
Application of Theoretical Computer Science, e.g.
Data Mining, Image Processing, Geographic Information Systems, Data Compression, Computational Biology, Electronic Commerce
For students and young researchers
We work on theoretical computer science, especially design and analysis of algorithms and computation systems by using combinatorics and geometry. The current main theme is multidimensional data processing including computational geometry and data mining.
Mathematical investigation often improves performance of computer systems and softwares dramatically (to your surprise, the speed-up factor often exceeds 1000.) Such an improvement can create a big breakthrough in science and business. Threfore, "mathematical thinking" is one of the indispensable tools for not only scholars but also professional solution developers and system designers in real business world. We will teach and research on this technology (often called theoretical computer science).
If you like to THINK, you are eligible to join us. If you want to learn about computer science, you are welcome. Even if you are just curious, please visit our Lab. ( currently just started).
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